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Piano technique exercise N°1 in Db

Piano technique exercise N°1 in Db

60bpm,   2 repeats

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Exercise N°1 in Db.pdf
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The Virtuoso Pianist by C. L. HANON
Part 1 transposed in all keys

PDF Format - 283 pages - 240 Piano exercises



Notes by C. L. Hanon :

  • Stretch between the fifth and fourth fingers of the left hand in ascending, and the fifth and fourth fingers of the right hand in descending.
  • For each key : As soon as Exercise N°1 is mastered, go on to Exercise N°2 without stopping on the last note.

How to practice piano more effectively :

  • Practice each hand separately first.
  • Practice this exercise slowly in the beginning (metronome on 60). If you played it easily, and precisely with the metronome, move the tempo up one notch. Continue to practice in this way until you reach 108 bpm.
  • Try to practice Hanon Exercise N°1 in the other keys, starting with the white keys (C, D, E, F, G, A, and B) and then going to the black keys (D-flat, E-flat, G-flat, A-flat, and B-flat). You can also transpose Hanon exercises within the cycle of fifths. The fingering remains constant in all keys.
  • Practice with various dynamics. Practice soft, loud and everything in between.
  • As you practice, vary the touch. Play staccato, play legato, and play two-note slurs.
  • Practice in different rhythms.
  • And as Charles-Louis Hanon recommends it, practice the exercises by lifting the fingers high and with precision, playing each note very distinctly.


We hope the above tips will help make your piano practice more efficient.

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  • #1

    Mario (Wednesday, 11 April 2018 14:18)

    Is the fingering the same for all tonalities?

  • #2

    Chris (Monday, 13 May 2019 16:59)

    Yes, if you look at any particular exercise the fingering is the same in each key.

    I have a (rather old) hardcopy of the book Boris Berlin's Practical Hanon and Schmidt. It has the 40 exercises from each, all printed in the key of C (so I'm glad to find this website which has them in other keys for ease of use).

    The book includes the following instructions

    "Each exercise should also be practiced as follows:
    (a) with a variety of touches, such as legato, staccato, portamento (non-legato), etc
    (b) with changing dynamics (tonal gradations) from very soft (pianissimo) to very loud (fortissimo)
    (c) in various keys using the same fingering (see table of keys in the Boris Berlin's "Complete Scale Book"),
    (d) with various rhythms, such as: [various patterns in 2/4, 3/4, and 6/8]"

    I also have a copy of Boris Berlin's Essential Daily Exercises for Piano, which has a pattern for practicing these and scales daily.

  • #3

    Straight (Monday, 28 March 2022 21:43)


  • #4

    Nick (Sunday, 09 July 2023 16:39)

    Chutiya bana rahe chudawu! ...Saale ko yeh tumhari fingering hain? issey achcha toh hum apni hi design kar len. Jabardasti same fingering kiye ho. Toh yeh sadeli pdf likhne ki jaroorat hi kya thi apni sarawu. :)